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Burmese Kittens

Burmese kittens are known for their short, silky fur, playful personality, friendly disposition, determination, intelligence and vocal expression.  Male Burmese cats are known to be somewhat nonchalant compared to their female counterparts.  Burmese cats come from Southeast Asia but modern Burmese cats come from a cat (Wong Mau) brought from Burma in the 1930s and mixed with Siamese cats.  There has been some controversy over the breed as American Burmese have shorter noses and rounder skulls than their British counterparts which have a more triangular face and come in a wider variety of colors.  Grooming for Burmese cats is fairly easy - weekly brushing and bi-weekly nail clipping should suffice.  Burmese cats are prone to tooth decay so special attention should be paid to their diet and proper dental care.  The following videos illustrate various examples of Burmese kittens.